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Creative Journeys - Writing Workshops for Women
Workshop & Presentation - Summer 2017

June 10
Writing to Make a Difference

Writing about things that really matter can help us grow through difficult times and be a healing balm in what seems like a hopeless world. Words can be the tools to change the way we think, discover our wisdom and transform our world.

This one-day workshop is for all levels of writers including beginners. No previous writing experience is needed. If you want to make a difference in your own life or in the world, consider exploring the transformative power of words writing what we alone can say in our own powerful voice. Whether you're in need of inspiration and renewal or simply want to undo the silence you've fostered most of your life, now is the time to begin.

Cost: $45. To register, Call Gail at 503-801-1238. Early enrollment is advised as seating is limited. Participants should bring a journal or notebook and pens, a sack lunch or cash to order out.

Saturday, June 10, 9 am - 3 pm
The Center for Contemplative Arts, Manzanita

June 14
Los Samaritanos, A Healing Presence Along the Border

Gail will give a presentation about her work in Arizona near the U.S./Mexico border
Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita on Wednesday, June 14 at 7 pm.

During her winters in Green Valley, Arizona, forty miles from the U.S./Mexico border, Gail works with the Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans whose mission is to “save human lives in the Southern Arizona desert.” Arizona border deaths remain the highest in the U.S. according to multiple statistics reported by The Arizona Republic and Pima County Forensic Science Center. Though estimates vary depending on the source, since 2001, the medical examiner’s office has examined 2,465 bodies of suspected border crossers with an average of 171 bodies found per year in the Tucson Sector.

If that many people died from a plane crash in the desert each year, it would get our attention, Gail says.

The Samaritans engage in desert searches and water drops. They help with the Kino Border Initiative aid station, El Comedor, which serves deported migrants two meals a day in Nogales, Sonora. Samaritans serve as witnesses at Operation Streamline, one of three remaining fast track court systems in the U.S. (Del Rio and Laredo, Texas the other two) designed to serve as deterrents for illegal entry. Studies show the program does not work and instead splits up families and costs taxpayers millions of dollars to keep migrants in mostly private prison systems.

Gail will share experiences of her work at El Comidor and Operation Streamline. She will use photographs, her own writings and that of others and provide resources on where to learn more and what one can do to help in this humanitarian effort.

Though the presentation is free of charge, any donations for the Samaritans will be accepted and appreciated and used to provide food, water, blankets, and first aid for migrants and to maintain and operate search and water vehicles.

The Hoffman Center for the Arts is located at 594 Laneda Avenue in Manzanita. For more information, call Gail at 503-801-1238.

I was enriched by the supportive teaching and by the participants who unveiled treasures of their own. Many thanks for today. . . . Ellen
*The Center for Contemplative Arts is a non-profit organization designed to offer activities of inner reflection for deepening awareness and for nurturing the human spirit for the good of all creation. A portion of the proceeds from each workshop supports the Center for ongoing education.

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